The Diabetes Improvement Plan sets out 8 priorities that aim to improve the experience and clinical outcomes for patients living with diabetes in Scotland.

All aspects of diabetes care are important and matter to people living with diabetes. Therefore, whilst the Diabetes Improvement Plan focuses energy and attention on specific areas for improvement, it is vital to recognise that many areas of activity which are not highlighted here are nevertheless issues which will continue to require sustained effort to maintain and continuously improve outcomes for patients.

Priority 1

Prevention and Early Detection of Diabetes and its Complications

Aim: To establish and implement approaches to support the prevention and early detection of type 2 diabetes, rapid diagnosis of type 1 and to implement measures to promptly detect and prevent the complications of diabetes

Priority 2

Type 1 Diabetes

Aim: To improve the care and outcomes of all people living with type 1 diabetes.

Priority 3

Person-Centred Care

Aim: To ensure people with diabetes are enabled and empowered to safely and effectively self-manage their condition by accessing consistent, high quality education and by creating mutually agreed individualised care plans.

Priority 4

Equality of Access

Aim: To reduce the impact of deprivation, ethnicity and disadvantage on diabetes care and outcomes.

Priority 5

Supporting and Developing Staff

Aim: To ensure healthcare professionals caring for people living with diabetes have access to consistent, high quality diabetes education to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver safe and effective diabetes care.


Priority 6

Inpatient Diabetes

Aim: To improve the quality of care for people living with diabetes admitted to hospital by improving their glucose management and reducing the risk of complications during admission.

Priority 7

Improving Information

Aim: To ensure appropriate and accurate information is available in a suitable format and effectively and reliably used by all those involved in diabetes care.

Priority 8


Aim: To accelerate the development and diffusion of innovative solutions to improve treatment, care and quality of life of people living with diabetes