Diabetes Education Advisory Group

Group Description

A subgroup of the Scottish Diabetes Group comprising multidiscipline representation of health care professionals from around Scotland involved in delivering diabetes care and with an interest in diabetes education.

Aims and objectives

· To advise the Scottish Diabetes Group (SDG) on the educational needs of professionals delivering diabetes care
· To facilitate development of relevant educational resources for health professionals delivering diabetes care
· To interact with and contribute to the SDG subgroups and any other relevant organisations in relation to diabetes education
· To support educational programmes in any field or discipline relating to diabetes

Current activity

· Establishment of a comprehensive and current database of diabetes educational activity in Scotland
· Development of a Scotland wide Diabetes Training and Education Strategy
· Working with the ‘Flying Start’ programme to enhance diabetes learning materials

Future direction

· Interaction with the SDG Diabetes Care Focus Group through inclusion of representation from the group on DEAG
· Explore development of a Scotland wide Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (insulin pump) education course
· Development of an education module for junior hospital doctors to assist with insulin management in dealing with inpatients who have diabetes
· Work with NHS Education Scotland to define the need and possible future development of MSc course material appropriate to chronic disease management


Chris Kelly - Consultant Physician Forth Valley Royal Infirmary(Chair)
Steve Birnie - Scottish Diabetes Industry group
Duncan Stang – Podiatrist Lanarkshire
Joan McDowall – Nursing & Health Care, University of Glasgow
Vivien Swanson – Clinical Psychologist Stirling
Jacqui Charlton – Diabetes Specialist Nurse Edinburgh
Jane Nally – DETU Glasgow Caledonian University
Iain Spence – Patient representative

Contact Details

Dr Chris Kelly
Consultant Physician
Forth Valley Royal Infirmary
Email :